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  • Guest Post: Rebecca Monika Baker

Customer turned vendor at BAFM

Hello! My name is Rebecca Monika Baker, and my husband and I live on the Baker farm East of Fairfax where we have chickens, guineas, and a big garden. The top floor of our house is dedicated as a guest space, where we welcome guests to our Bed and Breakfast called Star Valley Retreat.

After growing up in Switzerland and moving to the US as an adult—as well as having lived in Pennsylvania—I am used to having access to fresh produce, and I have been a customer at Burke Area Farmers Market as much as possible. This year I decided to participate as a vendor, and I put in a bigger garden than usual to be able to share our harvest. Since my husband often has cracked skin on his hands, particularly in the winter, I started making my own salves to help him heal. He likes using them year round, and I made some more, all with natural ingredients, and will have them at my table at the market. I love making jewelry, bracelets and necklaces, and have been taking them to fairs. I found, that many people really are interested in designing their own pieces. So I will bring my supplies for people to get creative. I also love to bake and once in a while will have some specialty pastries that I will bring.

See you at the market!

Rebecca Monika Baker

Star Valley Retreat, Fairfax, SD

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