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Local Food News: Watermelon seed spitting contest surprisingly competitive

The Burke Area Farmers Market hosted a rowdy watermelon seed spitting contest at their September 7th market. The 10U age group had 6 entries and the 10+ age group had 7. With a $1 donation to the Gregory Pool Fund, each contestant could enter multiple seeds.

Heather Hammerbeck swept the older division with an impressive final measurement of 24’ 3”. Liam Sutton wowed in the 10U division with a spit of 18’ 6.5”. Liam was a first time competitive seed spitter, but said “My Aunt Kate showed me how you do it. You have to blow up your cheeks and spit just the seed off the tip of your tongue. And I just tried my best and won!”

Watermelon slices were free for all, donated by Tom and Peg Glover.

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