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The Burke Area Farmers Market was founded by a few brave producers in August 2012. 

That summer in South Central South Dakota, we found ourselves in the middle of a drought.  People in our friendly, rural communities weren't totally sure about selling excess garden produce when they'd always just given it away to their neighbors. We had to figure out the often confusing and sometimes frustrating state regulations.  We could have been in for a big learning curve.

To our pleasant surprise, however, our first year was a wonderful success!  Our little community loved us, and we love them.

Today, we average about six vendors per market.  At different times during the season we sell eggs, fruits, vegetables, beef, honey, breads, jams, salsas, pickles, pies, fresh herbs, organic beauty products, handmade crafts, and fresh cut flowers.  We often host live music, cooking demonstrations, prize drawings, and events for children and families. We have a lot of fun.

But we're also serious at the Burke Area Farmers Market. We are serious about creating more sustainable and fair food systems, about fostering small-scale agriculture as a means of economic development in our rural communities, about getting people access to the freshest, most nutritious foods, and about creating a market where our customers can see their dollars go directly back into the local economy.



So please join us!  We are open every Thursday starting the Thursday after the 4th of July and ending the last Thursday in September from 5:30-7:00.  Also keep your eye on our Facebook  and Instagram pages for updates about special events and inclement weather.

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