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  • Kelsea K. Sutton

An Intro to Composting

Last week, our longtime vendor Nancy Wirsing did the market education demonstration: an introduction to composting. There are so many reasons to compost including improving soil health, diverting food waste from landfills, increasing the nutrient density of your garden produce and conserving water. You can see Nancy showing off some beautiful black humus, which is the end product of composting.

Nancy started the process with a big trash bin that she drilled many holes in. Then, she layered brown and green plant matter to get the perfect balance of carbon and nitrogen materials. She also added some earth worms and showed us how to turn it; turning is easy when you have a bin that can roll!

Not only is composting a great alternative to put your family's food scraps to good use in the garden, it's also a great business idea. Check out how Compost Hugger has done just that in Minnehaha County. This week at the August 11th Market, the Burke Community Memorial Hospital will be doing a skin health and safety education demo. Join us from 4:00-6:00!

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