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OURS: Grateful

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

As we wind down the year in the 2021 holiday season, the Burke Area Farmers Market vendors and board are thinking about how grateful we are for the work we are able to do.

We are grateful for our customers. Without shoppers, and chatters, and playground players, the market wouldn't be the fun weekly event that it is. We are glad for every person who comes down whether it's to make a haul of local food, to see friends, or just have supper. We couldn't do it without you, thank you!

We are grateful to the City of Burke. We have been hosting the market at the park since July 2019. It is the perfect place for people to gather and celebrate food and for kids to run off and play while parents enjoy themselves. It has the bathrooms, water, trash cans, shade, and seating that people said they wanted when we asked. The park is great, thank you!

We are grateful to the community. Burke folks, and south central South Dakota folks, and north central Nebraska folks – you are the best. We like to say we have all the right things to rival a "big City" market with all the small town community goodness. Without your support and pride in our market, the magic wouldn't happen. Thank you!

We are grateful to our vendors. It's a labor of love to weed, pick, clean, bake, boil, craft, can, label, load up, unload, and load up each week. We are glad that our vendors' love for their craft has them at their stalls week after week. Their pleasure in sharing is all of our bounty, thank you!

We are grateful for abundance. After a few hard years in our neck of the woods, gathering to laugh, eat, and play felt like a big beautiful gulp of fresh air. We all lucky to be surrounded by so much richness: friendship, family, nature, and food. We will be marinating on all this and ready to cook up even more farmers market fun next summer.

Yours in food, family and community

The BAFM Board

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